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Sierra Foothill Charter School makes statement about postponed play

Sierra Foothill Charter School has released a statement related to their decision to host, and then to postpone, a production of the play “And Then Came Tango.”

Last week there were a couple of incidents at school that raised questions in the community. One involved a play called, “And Then Came Tango” and the other involved students handing out bracelets. Given all the questions, Principal Garagarza read a statement before the start of a Special Board meeting, emailed it to the school’s email list, and we are providing the statement here. We hope it will answer questions and clear up any misunderstandings. The play will be discussed at the April 28 board meeting. In other news, 7th/8th grade teacher Chivonne Wilde resigned a few days ago, effective immediately. We thank Mrs. Wilde for her many contributions to the school and wish her all the best. Lead founding member, former board chair, and current PR Manager Jill Harry has the proper teaching certificate and will be in the classroom starting tomorrow. Business in the classroom will continue as usual and SFCS will continue the search for a replacement for Mrs. Wilde, whom we already knew was leaving at the end of the school year. The timeline has just changed a bit. Always, we would like to avoid speculation and misinformation, so please, if you have a question or comment, call the office on Monday at 742-6222 or come to the board meeting on April 28 at 6 PM to speak your comment. As always, thanks for your continued support! One great way to support us right now is to please be kind and respectful in your comments to this post. Let’s honor our differences, learn from mistakes, and always be charitable to one another. Let’s continue to come together as a community to ensure our school’s success!




(04/20/2015 11:16 am)